Terms and conditions

Confort Centre Quiromassatge

1 – Contact details:

The website’s holder  www.confortmassage.com (hereinafter called: “website holder”)  in accordance with Spanish Law 34/2002, of July 11th 2002, relating to  information society services and e-commerce society services, we inform of the following:

2 – Object:

The present legal conditions regulate the purchase process of online website gift cards, which may be exchanged for massages or beauty services at Confort Centre Quiromassatge located at Avinguda de Mistral, 51, 08015 Barcelona.

3 – Involved parties:

In the purchase process of massages or beauty services there are two parties involved, the website holder and the website user. Access to the website is free of charge, and by entering into it, the user automatically accepts the website’s general terms and conditions of use, irrespective of any purchase being made. If a purchase is made through the website, the user them becomes a client and will be treated accordingly. In order to become a client, any user should be 18 years of age or older, and can be a resident or non-resident of Spain.

4 – Traded products in the website:

The following items can be bought through the website: gift cards to be exchanged for massages and beauty services offered by their holder, Confort Centre Quiromassatge, located at Avinguda de Mistral, 51,  08015 Barcelona. All prices displayed on our website are inclusive of VAT.

5 – Purchase process:

The purchase process consists of the following steps:

  • Choose the product: You can choose any products you wish without any limitation. A coupon shall be issued for each product.
  • Identification: Purchases can be made in two different ways, by registering on the website or just providing the necessary information to conduct the purchase.
  1. Register: By registering on the website, the client authorises the use of the following data: Name, surname, address, postal code, and an email address to which to send the gift card. Optionally, if the client wishes, he or she can request the coupon be sent to a different email address; if that is the case, apart from the previous data provided, it shall be necessary for the client to provide a name, surname and email address of the person to whom the gift card shall be sent. Additionally, when registering on the website, you will be asked to provide a password which will allow you to log in at all times and be able to purchase and track any of your orders. All data given by the client will be held and maintained maintained as confidential, including any payment methods, should they be required  for future purchases.
  2. Providing data. Choosing to purchase with this method, you will be required to provide the following data: name, surname, postal code, and email address to which to send the gift coupon. Optionally, if the clients wishes, the gift coupon can be sent to an alternative email address. If that should be the case, the new receiver’s name, surname and email address shall need to be provided by the client.
  • Payment: In all cases, payments can be made with debit or credit card through these companies: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. In order to complete the purchase you will be asked to read and accept the present terms and conditions.
  • Orders and Delivery: Prior to payment, the client shall have the option to add any comments regarding delivery. There is an additional option available at no extra charge allowing the client to select the language the gift card is to be printed in. English, Spanish and Catalan are available.
  • Once payment has been confirmed, the client will receive an email confirming the purchase and specifying the product that has been bought, its cost and any taxes which have been applied to it.
  • Within 24-48 hours the client (or if a different email address has been provided, another individual or individuals) will receive an email with our gift coupon in the form of a PDF document, which can easily be printed or downloaded to an electronic device for future reference. This coupon also contains full conditions of use. In the case where the client is purchasing the coupon to be given as a gift to another individual, the purchasing client shall also receive a copy of all electronic correspondence.

6 – Using the coupon:

The gift coupon can be exchanged for massage or beauty services at Confort Centre Quiromassatge, 51 Avinguda de Mistral, Barcelona, 08015.  The coupon contains the following information: type of massage available, the duration of the massage, and when the gift card  expires. Each gift card displays a unique code, linking it directly with an identifiable client. Likewise, it also contains detailed contact information in order for the client or end user to arrange an appointment and use the service bought through the coupon. Additionally, the contact details for the Centre, where services can be scheduled, is as follows:

When arranging an appointment, the client must inform us of the code number displayed at the coupon. The coupon shall be valid until the displayed expiry date. Appointments can be scheduled for a period of up to one month after the expiry date, provided the appointment is scheduled within the valid period displayed on the coupon.  Once the coupon is past its expiry date, it cannot be exchanged for goods or services with the Centre.

7 – Coupon validation process:

  • On the day of the appointment, the client or clients enjoying the service hired need to present the original paper coupon. In the case where an original coupon is not presented, the holder of the website reserves the right to seek proof of purchase using telematic devices.
  • In the case of a coupon appearing to be inauthentic, or appearing to have been altered, manipulated, or tampered with, the holder of the website reserves the right of seeking proper and correct validation of the purchased coupon within the following 48 hours.
  • Under no circumstance shall the coupon  be exchanged for the equivalent cash value of the massage or beauty service, except when the consumer uses his right of withdrawal, as it is stated in this same website

8 – Incidents during the purchase:

If, during the purchase, the mailing out of the coupon,  or the schedule process the client is dissatisfied in any way, he or she can register in writing any claim or complaint at the following email address; info@confortmassage.com.  The response period  is normally 24-48 hours, but may be longer during busy periods.

9 – Conditions:

The website holder may modify at any time, the conditions specified here, being duly published as they appear. The validity of the aforementioned conditions will be based on their exposure and will be in force until they are modified by others and they shall then be duly published.

10 – Jurisdiction and applicable law:

The relationship between the website holder and the client  shall be ruled by the current Spanish regulations and any dispute will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.