Beauty treatment with massage

Do not miss the chance of relieving tension with our beauty treatment in one of the best parlours in Barcelona with the best team of professionals. Our clients’ attention, well-trained professionals and a warm and comfortable atmosphere will make your experience unique.


Using oils and exfoliating cream

30 minutes application of an exfoliating cream together with moisturising oils. Thus, whole-body skin regeneration is achieved, with the bonus of a pampered, relaxed feeling.

tarifas tratamiento de belleza con peeling corporal

Collagen veil mask

Your face benefits from firmness and flexibility

Facial cleaning, moisturising cream, preparative massage and application of a collagen veil mask. The effects of this treatment include a reduction in ageing effects on the skin, and an increase in facial skin consistency.

tarifas tratamientos de belleza con colágeno

Facial wooden therapy

Relaxing feeling in your face and neck

A massage of the face and neck area using wooden therapeutic instruments. This massage achieves a high level of facial relaxation, bringing a unique youthful effect to the individual’s eyes, facial creasing and skin elasticity.

craneofacial tarifas masajes relajantes

Body wooden therapy

Enhances your muscular recovery

A massage undertaken with therapeutic wooden utensils that is prescribed for muscle recovery and also as a beauty treatment thanks to its slimming, firming, anti-cellulite effects. This massAge helps in preventing ‘orange-peel effect’.

tratamiento de belleza con madera

Choose the beauty treatment you like the most and… Relax!

Which combination might suit you best that would combine the benefits of a massage with a beauty treatment?

With our massages, you can enjoy the perfect experience of joining them both in one massage, so you can release tension of your muscles, relief contractions and add all the beneficial effects for your skin.

Get your skin ready for the summer season with a whole body exfoliant massage; o choose to rejuvenate your skin with a collagen mask application combined with the relaxing effect of one of our massages over your facial muscles.

Reduce the volume of your legs, abdomen and arms with the wood-therapy technique.