Therapeutic massages to make you feel freshly renewed

If you’re looking for therapeutic and sport-healing massage in Barcelona, Confort Centre Quiromassatge is your place.

We are an excellent team made up of well-experienced chiropractitioners, offering the best comfortable and warm facilities, together with a close and straightforward client’s attention to provide a homely comfort to our customers; come over and feel it yourself!

Deep Tissue

High-pressure focused massage

Highly effective in combating muscular contractures. Here we focus on the deepest layer of muscle to target knots and release chronic muscle tension.

masajes terapéuticos en Barcelona

Decontracting massage

Pressure over the contracted area

Massage applied with medium pressure over the contracted or problematic muscular area to unknot and relax the muscles, and to relieve pain.

decontracting massage

Bambu therapy

South Asian technique with bamboo

A technique from South East Asia, that provides muscle relaxation through the application of warm rattan and bamboo tools, leading to improvement of blood circulation and reduction of fat tissue.

bambutherapy massage rates

Lymphatic drainage

Soft and gentle massage

A very soft and gentle massage applied over the lymphatic system with the aim of activating and reenergising this organic system, to aid in the dissipation of waste substances accumulated between cells.

Lymphatic massage rates

Foot reflexology

Pressure point stimulation foot massage

Therapeutic technique based on the stimulation of certain pressure points in the foot (reflex points) which are all individually connected and associated with specific organs or areas of the body.  This massage helps in relieving body pains and improves inner balance.

foot reflexology

Aromatherapy massage

Essential plant oil massage

A massage using the active principles of essential plant oils of fruits and flowers which enhances the benefits of the underlying massage, achieving a feeling of greater wellness, through the harmony and serenity these nature scents offer.

aromatherapy massage

We perform therapeutic massages using specific techniques and specialized items in order to pursue pain relief and kill contraction sore, muscle tension and other stress symptoms. All in all, to leave a general feeling of wellness mental and physical benefit effects.