Sport massages to recover and tone up

If you are looking for sport massage in Barcelona, at Confort Centre Quiromassatge we’re ready to provide you our best techniques. Confide your health in us and book your massage right now!

Sport massages

Stimulate and tone up your muscles

For those who do daily sport and are looking for muscle stimulation, toning and preparation of the limbs and torso, this massage works perfectly for both preparation for physical activity and aftermath recovery.

tarifas masajes deportivos

Muscle discharge

After physical activity

A technique used after performing any physical activity where we repeatedly apply lines of pressure to the muscle’s legs, in order to tone and relax them.

masaje descontracturante

For those who regularly practice sport, they will find our sport massage the best complement and ally to better enjoy any physical activity.

Focused on legs or arms, these treatments are meant to prepare body and mind for the competition and to recover a normal state after the physical effort.

Any sport massage meant to get you ready for any sport training has to tone up and stimulate your muscles to be ready for sport practice, therefore, to improve your skills and prevent injuries.

The sports massage IS NOT A DEEP MASSAGE, it is a soft, painless and superficial massage whose objective is to recover or prepare the musculature for a physical event, marathon, etc.