The best team for your massage

We offer the best facilities for it!

What kind of massage do you need?

Here there are the most-wanted of our list

Deep Tissue

A strong, profound and effective massage made up to reach the most persistent muscle contraction.

Decontracting massage

Applies to contracted or damaged areas of muscles to undo the contracted nods and relieve the pain.

Relaxing massage

A soft and progressive massage that offloads the built up tension providing a relaxing feeling.

Hot stones

It releases swelled up muscle contractions, it stimulates blood irrigation and cell metabolism.

Sports massage

Stimulation, muscle tone and physical preparation for arms and legs, and following that, a afterwards recovery.

Couples' massage

a unique experience that once the massage is over, couples can enjoy the pleasure of a hydromassage together with a glass of cava, a box of chocolates and fresh fruit.

Why choose us for a massage?

The excellence of massaging, our main goal

Our team is exclusively made up of qualified and experienced professionals. We are friendly and inviting and strive to adapt to your unique needs.

Our facilities are clean and comfortable, providing a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. All of our massage rooms have showers and are temperature controlled for your comfort.

Gift a massage
Modern peaceful and warm environment
massage-duoble in Barcelona
We have five cabins, two of them are double. One of these has a hydromassage tub which allows our customers to enjoy and combine the benefits of hydrotherapy massages.

At Confort Centre Quiromassatge we highly value our customers’ intimacy; for that purpose, all our cabins are private and exclusive use, they have a single shower and they’re all air-conditioned to match at best our client’s needs.

If you’re looking for a good and healing massage, in a warm and welcoming parlour, led by a team of the most outstanding chiropractors, Confort Centre Quiromassatge is your place!